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New Duropal Compact Solid Laminate Worktops

Brosna are pleased to announce that we now stock the new Duropal Compact Solid Laminate Worktops and have a brand new display in the showroom. This unique modern slim profiled product is non-porous offering great impact and moisture resistance for applications with high demands and are produced to the DIN-EN-438 standard, making it hard-wearing and easy to clean. The product is ideal for working with under counter sinks with the ability to machine draining grooves. It can also be shaped to fit curved units. The extensive collection comprises of 12 impressive decors ranging from 3 modern uni colours, through to 7 exciting and tactile stone decors and 2 natural wood-grains. Why not call into the showroom to view the new display for yourself or Contact Brosna to find out more information about this exciting new product.