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New Blum Space Tower at Brosna

Brosna are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the new SPACE TOWER system from Blum. The SPACE TOWER larder unit can be accessed with impressive ease, provides ample space for provisions and can be tailored to each customers individual needs. All of the fittings used for SPACE TOWER come from the standard range. As well as the TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX box systems, wooden drawers can also be used with MOVENTO or TANDEM. This makes it possible to achieve a uniform appearance across the whole kitchen but still leaves plenty of flexibility to individually design the cabinet interiors. Full extensions that can be opened individually provide a good view of stored items, which can accessed directly from three sides. Removal is carried out conveniently from above. The light operating forces make the larder unit incredibly convenient to use. SPACE TOWER makes best possible use of the storage space available. High, closed drawer boxes ensure that provisions are stored securely, whilst flexible inner dividing systems can be used to organise and securely hold stored items. Each pull-out can handle loads up to a total weight of 70 kg. We have a fully working system built into one of the kitchens in our showroom so why not call in and have a look at this unique new product for yourself.