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New CNC Investment at Brosna

Back in 2008 Brosna invested in a (then) state of the art, high end CNC Machining Centre from Biesse, the world leader in the industry. This allowed the company to offer increased manufacturing throughput, greater accuracy and the ability to create more complex designs and work with a wider variety of materials.

Fast forward to January 2022 and Brosna have purchased a newer, more powerful CNC machine, again from Biesse, offering greater efficiency new innovative production improvements.

  • - New Automatic unloading table to help with speed and efficiency
  • - Newly designed double gantry structure that increases precision and reliability
  • - Higher motor power increases acceleration and improves manufacturing speed
  • - Improved extraction and increased suction positions to reduce cleaning times to ensure maximum productivity

The new CNC machine allows Brosna to reduce production time on jobs whilst maintaining the high standards and precision customers have come to expect. The imrpoved extraction and ventilation is kinder to the environment and offers a cleaner workspace for Brosna staff.